Saturday, December 13, 2008


so i dropped my computer off at the Apple store yesterday and i have been distraught ever since! that computer is literally the most expensive thing i have ever bought or owned! it is worth three times more than my car. so, i felt pretty reluctant as i handed it over to Susan, the lovely Apple store  concierge. sigh. i'll be out of town for most of next week, so i suppose i won't need it anyway, but it's hard to be computerless. also, Logan doesn't have Hot Corners and his screen is too huge. oh but how i love his mighty mouse! you can scroll vertically AND horizontally!!

i'll be out of the 'Bus next week as i'll be in the Windy City and then a wedding in Michigan. be good and have a good break, everyone!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

einstein on the beach.

WELLLLLL i am finally done with FINALS! that makes me very happy because i was very stressed about school. i have a whole (well actually, 3/4) month to do fun things such as make crafts, organize, and go to Chi-town!

i made this fun vector last night, which has to do with my resolution to learn Illustrator and InDesign over break. i also want to drink a lot of fine beers and get my christmas shopping/making done in less than $100. think i can do it? i do!

which brings me to my final point: if you need someone to stitch your rags, babysit your kids, or type your thesis paper, call me! i am pretty broke and other than selling a ton of my shit on ebay, i'm willing to trade my many skills for cash. i have a sewing machine and am a very decent seamstress, so if your pants are too big or your coat needs some buttons reattached, call me instead of pitching it! i can also make new projects for you if you'd like. i am great at babysitting and i type 80 wpm. give me a ring and have a safe holiday.


Sunday, December 7, 2008

money worries

so i have been a very busy girl doing school work. i stayed till 3:30am at Hopkins the other night to finish my 3D squares project. i debated sleeping on one of the drafting tables, but in the end, i figured it would be more awkward to encounter the first person to come in for class the next morning. i promise to have more exciting work to post soon, but unfortunately my main sources of excitement lately have been final projects and bums walking out on their tabs at work!

after a long night of square-cutting
photo courtesy of Emma Sanders

PS msg me if you want a hand screen-printed christmas card made by yours truly :)