Thursday, December 11, 2008

einstein on the beach.

WELLLLLL i am finally done with FINALS! that makes me very happy because i was very stressed about school. i have a whole (well actually, 3/4) month to do fun things such as make crafts, organize, and go to Chi-town!

i made this fun vector last night, which has to do with my resolution to learn Illustrator and InDesign over break. i also want to drink a lot of fine beers and get my christmas shopping/making done in less than $100. think i can do it? i do!

which brings me to my final point: if you need someone to stitch your rags, babysit your kids, or type your thesis paper, call me! i am pretty broke and other than selling a ton of my shit on ebay, i'm willing to trade my many skills for cash. i have a sewing machine and am a very decent seamstress, so if your pants are too big or your coat needs some buttons reattached, call me instead of pitching it! i can also make new projects for you if you'd like. i am great at babysitting and i type 80 wpm. give me a ring and have a safe holiday.


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