Saturday, May 29, 2010

so strange

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this was the strangest photo assignment i have ever done in my young life. promise.

vegan challenge: day 13?

it appears that i have vanquished all twelve days of my vegan challenge. the first few days were pretty awful with lots of shaking, jitters, sluggish brain, etc. i have gradually adapted, however, and i'm feeling lots better than before. my migraine count is way down and i don't feel as tired in my afternoon classes (i am usually tempted to fall asleep). a strange downside, however, is that i feel really drained when i go out in the sunshine for any period of time at all. it's very strange.

now i'm getting ready to catch up on laundry, dishes, and make some large batches of chocolate chip energy bars and mac & "cheese" for the upcoming 10 days AKA the most hellish part of the academic year. last year i stayed awake for over 67 hours straight in order to finish my final project. i feel a little bit better this quarter, but there are still going to be plenty of late nights and over consumption of coffee.

now, however, i am off to eat sandwiches with my lovely boyfriend. enjoy your long weekend!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

vegan challenge: one week vanquished!

so i've been a bit lax about writing because i worked crazy hours thurs, fri, and saturday! after all the madness of school and work, i was totally ready to kick back last night with some beer and hot dogs. what? how can this be?

introducing Dirt Frank's Hot Dog Palace, one of my favorite places to eat in Columbus! all of their amazing, creative, delicious hot dogs can be substituted for a veggie dog, and most of their toppings have a vegan equivalent. i was on cloud nine, eating the delicious Ohioana dog with crispy, crunch tater tots and a bunch of delicious beers. and then some more beers. and then we took the party down the street to the St. James and i had even more beers.

which is why i had a late start this morning trying to get my stuff together to go to Hell City. my best morning-after-drinking cure is peanut butter toast, lots of water, and something spicy. Frank's Red Hot cures almost any upset hangover tummy for me. after i'd finished my spicy hashbrowns and PB toast, i felt ready to head out the door. Hell City, a tattoo convention, was pretty interesting, but i'm not sure it was worth the $20 door charge. i have been meaning to get my tattoo touched up for a long time (it's crazy faded) but i didn't see any artists there that really seemed to do the style i'm looking for. oh well. we walked the entire way home (wow!) and i am finally getting together this recipe and heading out to studio to do homework.

i hope everyone had as fantastic a weekend as i did, and congratulations to ME for staying vegan one entire week :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

vegan challenge: day 3

another day is done! i can't believe how quickly the end of the quarter flies by when you have eight million things to do. tomorrow i can look forward to a test on my entire lighting design textbook. nah, no big.

here's what i ate:

breakfast: oatmeal (did i mention that i LOVE oatmeal?) sweetened with applesauce, sliced strawberries, a banana, coffee

lunch: salad with cranberries and sunflower seeds, chickpea salad sandwich, 1/4 cup raw almonds

snack: diet coke, celery with peanut butter

dinner: potato/broccoli stuffed peppers with red curry sauce, oatmeal/corn/apple muffin, sparkling water

wow was that recipe complicated and time-consuming! i spent probably 1.5 hrs rocking the 6+ steps in the recipe. i felt very accomplished at the end, though, and lots of leftovers.

wish me luck on this damn test!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

vegan challenge: day 2

i knew today would be the most difficult because i had to work tonight. i work at a casual dining restaurant that has close to nothing on the menu that doesn't contain some sort of animal product. i tried to eat earlier in the day in order to avoid the nasty food at work. i also have an addiction to diet soda which is plentiful and readily available at work. i skipped coffee today, though, and drank a ton of water, so i didn't feel bad having one diet soda. and the funny thing was, i didn't even want to finish it!

what i ate:

breakfast: oatmeal with strawberries and applesauce

lunch: chickpea salad sandwich, sugar snap peas (raw), baked potato with vegan margarine and some frank's red hot

snack: celery with peanut butter

dinner: refried bean "quesadilla" (two whole-wheat tortillas stuck together with pintos and some jalapenos with salsa on the side), a few almonds, side salad at work without crutons or cheese, french dressing

i think i'm doing well but it's challenging to think ahead and pack foods to take with me when i'm busy with school all day. i also had a cup of peppermint tea tonight to settle an unruly stomach.

Monday, May 17, 2010

vegan challenge: day 1

so i have gotten through today (well, it's almost over) successfully. i had a little shaky period around 4pm- i'm not sure if it was not eating enough food, the right food, or withdrawal from the Diet Soda i usually consume 5 of per day. i had some 100% grapefruit juice and carried on.

here's what i ate:

breakfast: kashi blueberry heart love stuff with sliced strawberries, soymilk, an Odwalla Superfruit drink

lunch: chickpea salad sandwich, celery, an orange, coffee (black)

snack: grapefruit juice, slice of sourdough bread i bought at the c-ville farmer's market

dinner: whole grain/wheat penne with homemade tomato sauce, salad w/cranberries and sunflower seeds

other than the rogue cup of coffee, i'm trying to wean myself off of the caffeine addiction. it's unbelievable how much soda i drink while i'm at work. i guess because it's just right there and free and easy to keep refilling, i drink it, but it's disgusting to read of what diet soda is made of and how it's just as/possibly more terrible than the sugar stuff.

hopefully tomorrow goes as well as today. i'm off to make my bean salad for tomorrow's dinner.


12 day vegan challenge

today is the first day of my 12 day vegan challenge. the idea? starting today, and for the next twelve, i'm eating vegan with the added challenge of no oil, sugar, or non-whole grains! wow! I am using the McDougall Program as a basis for this challenge, which you can read more about here. i'm totally excited to get more energy, clearer skin, a healthier immune system, and all of the things promised by diet-makers. actually, i have no unrealistic expectations of this, i just want to see what happens.

i started off today with a bowl of Kashi with strawberries (locally grown!) and soy milk. i never actually read the Kashi box to make sure its vegan... oops. bad start! the rest of the day will obviously be much better.

gotta run!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lady Detective

Lady Detective

This is my Polyvore set for the What I Wore contest. I hope I wil! I love this dress and I would love to style it up in real life. Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Monday, May 3, 2010

there's a shewolf in the closet

Rhino has sucked my brain dry, so i've gone back to studying German while doing layouts in InDesign. and the funny thing is, this is what i consider relaxing. ugh.


i'm on the internship hunt and not turning up many positive leads. please give me a job. as evidenced by this post, i work until my head explodes and my fingers fall off. i can survive on diet coke and granola for days (perhaps weeks) at a time, and i am happy all. the. time. literally. i am always in a good mood. unless people are throwing things at me. plus, i'm miserable at my current job.

please hire me!