Monday, May 17, 2010

vegan challenge: day 1

so i have gotten through today (well, it's almost over) successfully. i had a little shaky period around 4pm- i'm not sure if it was not eating enough food, the right food, or withdrawal from the Diet Soda i usually consume 5 of per day. i had some 100% grapefruit juice and carried on.

here's what i ate:

breakfast: kashi blueberry heart love stuff with sliced strawberries, soymilk, an Odwalla Superfruit drink

lunch: chickpea salad sandwich, celery, an orange, coffee (black)

snack: grapefruit juice, slice of sourdough bread i bought at the c-ville farmer's market

dinner: whole grain/wheat penne with homemade tomato sauce, salad w/cranberries and sunflower seeds

other than the rogue cup of coffee, i'm trying to wean myself off of the caffeine addiction. it's unbelievable how much soda i drink while i'm at work. i guess because it's just right there and free and easy to keep refilling, i drink it, but it's disgusting to read of what diet soda is made of and how it's just as/possibly more terrible than the sugar stuff.

hopefully tomorrow goes as well as today. i'm off to make my bean salad for tomorrow's dinner.


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