Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I <3 Georgia

I haven't updated in quite a bit. I will get good pictures (and stories) for an NYC post soon. I can't say that the quarter has been "crazy busy," but I can say that at times so far it has been both crazy and busy. I love my studio class and I will put up some diagrams.

BUT down to business. I love Georgia. It looks great on the screen and it's one of the only serif fonts that I can stand to look at. Sometimes people (ahem) make fun of me for overusage, but I have a limited knowledge of typography, so I say stick to what works!

Inspiration Bit posted a blog with a list of beautiful websites using Georgia as the house typeface. IB always has cool articles and a lovely page layout, so check it out here:

I have to finish room sketches for Bliss and do some other fun stuff now. Check out some of the posts I wrote for the blog - they say "posted by Interns"! Does anyone know what I can do with the canned tiny shrimp my dad bought me? Recipes? Should I cook it?

Sunday, April 12, 2009


i'm back from my design trip to NYC april 2-6. what an awesome time! i seriously did not want to go home on sunday, even after four days of driving, running, visiting, subway riding, drinking, eating, dancing, and schmoozing. note that "sleeping" is not included in that list, because we all did very little of it.

we drove to New Jersey on thursday and took the PATH train into the city. our hostel was... quaint, is probably a good way to describe it. 8 people to a room, two single showers per floor. it was nice enough, though, and we ended up spending very little time there anyway.

we visited NBBJ Architecture and Calori Vanden-Eynden firms on Friday. Chris and Dave from CV were absolutely wonderful hosts and made us all feel very welcome at their studio. in addition to learning a LOT about their company and design in general, we also had a beer. so fun!

Saturday was museum day. my friends and i went to the Met, MoMA, The Guggenheim (well, we stood in the lobby. it was really expensive) and Hewlett Cooper. and we went to Chinatown for bargain hunting and Little Italy for food. Kelly and i checked out the Jonathan Adler store only a few blocks from the Met. it was amazing! i loved their customizable wallpaper and their manifesto on the front wall which in one part says "we believe colors can't clash" HELL YES!

our last day in the city we had an amazing brunch at a Spanish restaurant, a walk through Central Park, design museum, and finally a longggg drive home. i'm sure we did about a hundred more things than that, but it would take a long time to write them all down. in short, i love NYC and had a super amazing time there!

pictures soon... i have homework to do!