Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I <3 Georgia

I haven't updated in quite a bit. I will get good pictures (and stories) for an NYC post soon. I can't say that the quarter has been "crazy busy," but I can say that at times so far it has been both crazy and busy. I love my studio class and I will put up some diagrams.

BUT down to business. I love Georgia. It looks great on the screen and it's one of the only serif fonts that I can stand to look at. Sometimes people (ahem) make fun of me for overusage, but I have a limited knowledge of typography, so I say stick to what works!

Inspiration Bit posted a blog with a list of beautiful websites using Georgia as the house typeface. IB always has cool articles and a lovely page layout, so check it out here:

I have to finish room sketches for Bliss and do some other fun stuff now. Check out some of the posts I wrote for the blog - they say "posted by Interns"! Does anyone know what I can do with the canned tiny shrimp my dad bought me? Recipes? Should I cook it?

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Kate Hutson said...

I enjoy Georgia, too! And liking a font that others don't doesn't make you any less of a designer, lolz. Of the fonts to choose from on ye' blogger/blogspot site, it's basically arial or georgia, and I'm only using arial right now because I things a bit more clean; less...serif'y. teeheeee! :)