Tuesday, May 18, 2010

vegan challenge: day 2

i knew today would be the most difficult because i had to work tonight. i work at a casual dining restaurant that has close to nothing on the menu that doesn't contain some sort of animal product. i tried to eat earlier in the day in order to avoid the nasty food at work. i also have an addiction to diet soda which is plentiful and readily available at work. i skipped coffee today, though, and drank a ton of water, so i didn't feel bad having one diet soda. and the funny thing was, i didn't even want to finish it!

what i ate:

breakfast: oatmeal with strawberries and applesauce

lunch: chickpea salad sandwich, sugar snap peas (raw), baked potato with vegan margarine and some frank's red hot

snack: celery with peanut butter

dinner: refried bean "quesadilla" (two whole-wheat tortillas stuck together with pintos and some jalapenos with salsa on the side), a few almonds, side salad at work without crutons or cheese, french dressing

i think i'm doing well but it's challenging to think ahead and pack foods to take with me when i'm busy with school all day. i also had a cup of peppermint tea tonight to settle an unruly stomach.

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