Sunday, May 23, 2010

vegan challenge: one week vanquished!

so i've been a bit lax about writing because i worked crazy hours thurs, fri, and saturday! after all the madness of school and work, i was totally ready to kick back last night with some beer and hot dogs. what? how can this be?

introducing Dirt Frank's Hot Dog Palace, one of my favorite places to eat in Columbus! all of their amazing, creative, delicious hot dogs can be substituted for a veggie dog, and most of their toppings have a vegan equivalent. i was on cloud nine, eating the delicious Ohioana dog with crispy, crunch tater tots and a bunch of delicious beers. and then some more beers. and then we took the party down the street to the St. James and i had even more beers.

which is why i had a late start this morning trying to get my stuff together to go to Hell City. my best morning-after-drinking cure is peanut butter toast, lots of water, and something spicy. Frank's Red Hot cures almost any upset hangover tummy for me. after i'd finished my spicy hashbrowns and PB toast, i felt ready to head out the door. Hell City, a tattoo convention, was pretty interesting, but i'm not sure it was worth the $20 door charge. i have been meaning to get my tattoo touched up for a long time (it's crazy faded) but i didn't see any artists there that really seemed to do the style i'm looking for. oh well. we walked the entire way home (wow!) and i am finally getting together this recipe and heading out to studio to do homework.

i hope everyone had as fantastic a weekend as i did, and congratulations to ME for staying vegan one entire week :)

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