Thursday, January 29, 2009

boom boom.

so yesterday was a SNOW DAY at OSU! how BA is that? i had a great time sleeping in (until 10:30, woo hoo) and working on my mask all freakin' day. i also went to see Benjamin Button with my boyfriend. it was pretty good, not fabulous, but i did get to drink a beer at the movie theater. weird but pleasing experience.

i've been totally terrible about updating my little blog, but i promise to be better. our current school project is wire/bristol/digital masks. my current personal project is organizing my portfolio. i had an interview for an internship at Bliss Events a few days ago and got to present my portfolio there. it was great practice and i absolutely love everything they do over there.

without further ado, here is Salvaje del AzĂșcar del Santo. he is part Gabon African tribal mask, part Lucha Libre Mexican wrestling mask, and 100% awesome:



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Anonymous said...

"Boom boom boom boom, my lova shota me down..."