Sunday, March 1, 2009


we are designing toys for 252. i'm currently debating a bumble bee / lady bug transformers kind of toy. or an anteater with a magnetic ant-eating tongue. i don't know.

i had a fun conversation with Chris Clemmer of Sprig Toys on Monday. Sprig is an eco-toy company based in Fort Collins, Colorado. their toys are made of a mixture of reclaimed wood particles and recycled plastic, called Sprigwood. they don't have any batteries, and they are really, really cute. check it out:

they even light up and make sounds!

i am really excited to make some cool toys, and i might even bring my young sister in for testing day. she likes toys, i like toys, sounds good to me!

i have started working on my final course document. i was thinking about incorporating this chandelier/lamp theme, but Lo said it is very Urban Outfitters. it's very possible. if anyone has any thoughts about this, please let me know in the comments.

also, i had a cupcake from Gingham Bakery yesterday... it was SO GOOD. go check them out on Thurman Avenue in German Village! they have so many kinds of cupcakes and their store is very, very cute. like pink walls cute. and i know we all love supporting local businesses :)

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