Thursday, February 5, 2009


photo by Louise Ma, Time Mag

my thought of the day is this: what is up with Twitter? i'm afraid i just don't understand it, what it does, or why one would be interested in it.

i admit, i was Barack Obama's Twitter friend for about a week over the summer. the result? messages every time he made a speech, visited a college campus, or set foot on a bus. i respect the man, but knowing his every move just doesn't rev my engine. also, my phone kept beeping at work, blowing my cover and earning the ire of my bosses.

so Twitters, tell me this: why tweet? i promise i will take your responses seriously and with real considerations. i'm not opposed to this phenomenon, but merely inquisitive.


K. said...

I am also baffled by twitter. I have one, but am fairly certain that I forgot my login info instantly after creating it. If you find out why we need one, let me know.

crast said...

i can't be sure, but i think that we can probably just text each other, and those around us that matter? maybe our social status does not yet merit an understanding/privilege of need for Twitter. someday, K, we will be famous enough to Twitter.