Wednesday, February 18, 2009

well someone told me yesterday...

you know you've been awake too long when you start second-guessing your spelling on really, really simple words. i'm working on a logo for something --i can't say what just yet-- and i had typed "series" on Illustrator to get a feel for the typeface portion of the logo. "is that really how you spell 'series'?" i wondered to myself. "wow, that looks weird. series. s-e-r-i-e-s. what a strange word."

yes, that IS how you spell it, and no, i'm not that happy to be awake at 3:30am. unfortunately, a bizarre cross of design 252 and design 254 projects, a design 254 exam, and double projects for my internship happened to make a rare blue-moon appearance tonight. some things to look forward to in near future (like tomorrow, if i can stay awake) time: photos of my tessellation project, photos of my bizarre irregular surface project, logo sketches, photo boards, and research panels from our group presentation!

what a boring post, i know. to insure that i don't kill you with words, here's a picture of my mind really being lost in some safety goggles my dad found:

oh happy day.


wakeywakey said...

o god, i know exactly what you are talking about. i wasnt sure how to spelly pretty the other day and ended up agreeing with myself that its spelled preety.

Kate Hutson said...

i mees you, chreesta. <3